FTSE 500

The Going Campaig bring together FTSE 500 and High net worth individuals


The Going Campaign aims to bring together FTSE 500 and High net worth individuals for a weekend in the countryside, with some fantastic events taking place throughout the summer. The unique accommodation and food options are aimed at everyone, including gastronomes. For pre-pitched tents, the Tangerine Fields can be a great option.

High-Net-Worth Individuals

In a recent announcement, the IRS Commissioner revealed a new audit campaign for high-net-worth individuals and entities. The new division, called the Global High Wealth Industry Group, will coordinate with other divisions to look at these taxpayers. The division has also known as the Wealth Squad.

Focus on Investigations

The new campaign will focus on investigations of high-net-worth individuals who fail to file their taxes. The IRS has increased its focus on non-compliance with tax laws, especially concerning foreign assets, bank accounts, and entities. Individuals who hold foreign assets have subject to special reporting and tax requirements, some of which have changed under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

High-Net-Worth Market

The high-net-worth market is a highly competitive niche, and it requires a different approach than attracting a mass audience. According to the most common definition, high-net-worth individuals have at least $1 million in liquid assets. Although many would put up higher numbers, this group represents a small segment of the market. Therefore, developing a marketing strategy that targets these individuals is critical.

Types of Content High-Net-Worth

When considering a marketing strategy, it’s important to consider what types of content high-net-worth individuals are most likely to read. In particular, content that targets their pain points or reflects their hobbies and interests has likely to appeal to these wealthy clients

Gastronomic Destination

Tourism and gastronomy are closely related, a fact that destination marketing campaigns can use to their advantage. While they have limited empirical evidence to support this relationship, it has clear that gastronomy strongly impacts tourists’ experiences. Indeed, some travelers repeatedly return to the same destination because of its gastronomic specialties.

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