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The Sickest Sneaker is an online marketplace for limited-edition sneakers. It also has a Consignment marketplace, Apps, and Bots to help you find the best deal on a limited-edition sneaker. It was created by two sneakerheads whom both love high-end sneakers.

Consignment Marketplace

If you have looking to sell your sneakers on the web, you have many options. Some of these options have Craigslist, Kixify, or eBay. These marketplaces will pay you a certain percentage of the sale price, but you’ll need to pay to ship. eBay is one of the most popular and widely-used online marketplaces, with a global user base.

Traditional Auction Method

Consignment marketplaces also work to help people sell their sneakers. Unlike the traditional auction method, a consigner will help you sell your sneakers by helping you list them for sale. They will the point of sale, facilitating transactions, and authenticating sneakers. A consigner will take a percentage of the sale price, which can as much as 20 percent. Before you list your sneakers on these websites, you should check the condition of the sneakers. There have bots available to check this for you.


Bots are automated software programs that can help you buy and sell sneakers. These programs can complete transactions quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and money. Bots have not illegal, and they have not limited to the sneaker industry. They have primarily used to obtain items with high demand but limited supply. Bots have popular among retailers, including Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce company. Botters include Jean-Michel Lemieux, a plain-spoken engineer who runs bot-powered stores.

Multiple Limited-Edition Items

Bots can useful for your business if you want to sell sneakers online. They can also help you catch rare drops and cop multiple limited-edition items. Moreover, they can help you work more eiently. You can make your own bot with the help of a bot creator tool. The tool is simple and requires no programming knowledge. You can also use a residential proxy to avoid bot detection.

Limited Edition Sneakers

Sickest Sneaker is a collaboration between Zappos, a shoe retailer that has become well-known for its fashionable shoes and extensive selection. It’s also known for its limited-edition shoe collaborations. The collaboration is happening through December, and it will a sellout in no time.

Virtual Assistant’s Questionnaire

The collaboration is unique in many ways. For instance, the Reebok drop is a first of its kind. There have only 50 pairs available, and you can score one by filling out a virtual assistant’s questionnaire. The deadline for entries is Sept. 7.


A popular app for tracking sneakers, StockX lets users track their sneaker value in real-time. It features an interface reminiscent of a stock ticker and allows buyers and sellers to place bids and asks. Sales have completed instantly. While some reviews may feel that StockX’s user interface is a bit cluttered, it does offer a lot of benefits. Its ease of use and variety of sports picks have great for those looking to buy or sell sneakers.

Resale Marketplace for Sneakers

A popular resale marketplace for sneakers and streetwear, Grailed is another option. It features a wide variety of sneakers, from high-end grails to general releases, and its prices have often lower than in local outlets. This makes the app ideal for those seeking a bargain, as the app is easy to use and features millions of listings.

Growing Market

There is a growing market for the world’s sickest sneakers. Many sneakerheads buy these sneakers at retail instead of auctioning them off. Many have gone so far as to make their sneaker business their full-time job. Among them is Benjamin “Kickz” Kapelushnik, known as the Sneaker Don. He makes his living selling rare sneakers to athletes and entertainers. Some estimate his business’s worth at $1 million.

Major Companies

The sneaker market is highly competitive, and major companies have trying to capture a larger share. Major brands and retailers focus on digital and social media marketing to increase sales. E-commerce has experienced a boom in the past few years and is one of the most sought-after channels for major sneaker makers.

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