Scribe provides Connectors for Cloud Database

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Scribe provides a Cloud Database for any type of data, including text, images, videos, and audio. Its partner program includes a developer kit that includes APIs and documentation. Its cloud connectors provide systems integrators with the flexibility to manage their use of Scribe’s data in their applications. The company has over 12,000 customers and a partner program with over 1,000 developers.

Scribe Online

The cloud-based integration service Scribe Online allows businesses to connect SaaS applications and automate data flows. The service provides ready-to-go connectors for both front and back-office applications, as well as management tools that simplify integrations. It also provides data synchronization between applications.

Cloud Database with Scribe

Do you want to use a cloud database with Scribe Online, you need to first generate an Oath Token for the data you want to import. You can also use this approach if you already use an on-premise database. However, you must note that if you choose to use an on-premise data store, Scribe Online will not access the data in the cloud.

Interface of Scribe

The cloud database provides an easy-to-use interface, which makes integrations quick and easy. It also offers pre-built connectors for popular business systems, such as Sales force. This allows businesses to pull data from other applications and save valuable engineering resources. In addition, Scribe Online provides a graphical development environment and lifecycle management tools, which enable users to create and manage integrations with ease.


Scribe Insight

For customers who are looking for a streamlined data integration and migration process, Scribe Insight is a perfect solution. The solution is comprised of three main components: Workbench, Integration Server, and Console. The Workbench is responsible for storing connection and processing rules, and the Integration Server is responsible for filtering and transforming data. More than 150 functions are available, including a feature that enables filtering and conversion of data based on user-defined criteria.

Its Familiar with Scribe

The user interface of the product is user-friendly and familiar. It supports data views in list or chart format, and allows the user to connect directly to the data store. In addition, it presents the schema information of objects, fields, and relationships. It can also display detailed field attributes. In addition to providing a familiar user interface, Scribe Insight allows users to access information from all types of data sources.

Integration Platform

The integration platform has become a trusted integration enabler for government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense, Illinois Department of Corrections, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, and others. The platform is flexible and easy to use and comes with pre-built adapters for various data sources.


Appraisal Scribe

Appraisal Scribe is a cloud database based web app that makes the process of appraising real estate easier. It is designed with appraisers in mind, and was developed by a team of developers and professional appraisers. The team had been using this software for years before they came to us, and they knew that the software needed a fresh look and better functionality.

Cloud Integration

It is available for on-premise or cloud integration. The company’s cloud integration solution offers secure, reliable, and cost-effective data integration. It includes data migration and system tools that help employees share customer data and focus on critical business tasks. It is designed to address the specific needs of individual customers, and is scalable to accommodate a wide variety of business environments.

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