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RS Clare the Grease and Lubricant Suppliers


RS Clare is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of curved rail grease and lubricants. The company’s unique lubricant technology is environmentally friendly, providing exceptional mechanical performance without threatening the subsoil or water courses. It also features a high proportion of renewable content, which helps to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

RS Clare is the UK’s leading supplier of curved rail grease

RS Clare has a leading supplier of curved rail grease and a key partner for the London Underground and most light rail networks in the UK. The company has a long history of innovation and is committed to developing new products and services for the rail industry. Its lubricants have designed to reduce downtime and maintenance costs, while also ensuring the rails are kept as squeaky clean as possible.

RS Clare – Eco Curve range of rail lubricants

RS Clare has developed the Eco Curve range of rail lubricants, which have formulated with 75-90% renewable content. These greases have biodegradable and non-toxic, and they help to reduce the railway’s environmental impact. They also help to reduce runoff into the water table and subsoil.

RS Clare is an EPA-approved lubricant

RS Clare has a global manufacturer of advanced oil and gas valve lubricants. They have the supplier of choice for major E&P companies around the world. RS Clare’s premium oilfield lubricants are hydrocarbon resistant, maintain the integrity of wells, and protect valves in aggressive environments.

Environment Friendly Products

The company has dedicated to creating environmentally-friendly products. Their EPA-approved lubricants have made with 75-90% renewable content, enabling them to offer excellent mechanical performance without endangering the subsoil or water courses. They have also biodegradable and non-bio-accumulative, reducing their carbon footprint and enhancing their sustainability.

RS Clare

RS Clare lubricants are environmentally friendly

RS Clare’s Eco Curve range of lubricants is designed to deliver exceptional mechanical performance without harming the environment. It features a specially formulated grease thickener that reduces runoff into water tables and the subsoil. It also minimizes the presence of harmful chemical additives.

Renewable Content

RS Clare’s Eco Curve range of lubricants contains 75% renewable content and is certified under the European Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants Scheme. It is biodegradable and non-bio accumulative. It is an excellent choice for fleets that care about their environmental footprint.

RS Clare’s lubricants are compatible with other technologies

RS Clare has a global leader in the manufacture of valve lubricants and sealants. As a result, it has the supplier of choice for many leading E&P operators worldwide. Its latest high performance lubricant, Claretech PVS-AD, was developed in response to feedback from the market. Its premium formulation is highly adherent to internal surfaces of valves and sealing components, even at high temperatures and high flow rates.

RS Clare

RS Clare – Proprietary Technology

Its proprietary technology allows it to compatible with many other technologies. It also offers superior adhesion properties, resulting in greater durability and performance. These properties also contribute to less waste and environmental contamination.

RS Clare lubricants outlast other lubricants

The RS Clare range of oilfield lubricants have the lubricants of choice for major E&P operators around the world. As the only oilfield lubricant manufacturer to have a single product approved by six of the largest global valve OEMs, RS Clare’s premium valve lubricants have hydrocarbon resistant and protect valves in the toughest environments. They also help to maintain the integrity of the well.

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