Radon Testing in Calgary – Why You Should Get your Home Tested


If you live in Calgary and are concerned about the levels of radon gas in your home, you should have your home tested. It has highly recommended that you get the test done during the heating season, which has from October to April. The longer the testing period, the more accurate the results will.

Long-Term Radon Testing Is More Accurate

Short-term radon testing has generally not as accurate as long-term radon testing. This has because short-term tests have often performed in a closed house. This means that the windows and doors must  shut during testing. Additionally, short-term tests require that the house closed for two days so that they can accurately measure the amount of radon in the air.

Making Long-Term Testing more Accurate

Unlike short-term radon testing, long-term radon testing accounts for changes in weather and occupant behaviors over time. These changes in weather and occupant behavior can influence the level of radon in a home, making long-term testing more accurate.

Short-Term Measurements

In one study, scientists in Iowa found that short-term measurements did not reflect radon concentrations in the air. In contrast, annual radon concentrations have largely similar between short-term and long-term measurements. These differences have not significant in short-term measurements but have present when considering detector placement.

Condos are Less Likely to be Affected by Radon

Condos and high-rise apartments have less likely to affected by radon gas than houses. It is a type of gas that is not detectable to the naked eye and can have detrimental effects on your health. You can conduct a radon test to see if your unit has high levels of radon. If it is high, you may need to make repairs to the building.


Naturally Occurring Gas

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that enters your home through cracks in the foundation and other structural openings. The gas has colorless and odorless and decays to give off small particles that increase your risk of lung cancer when inhaled. These decay products have known as alpha particles, radon daughters, and radon progeny.

Less Prevalent in Condos

Although radon has less prevalent in condos, some issues still arise when it comes to mitigation in these types of buildings. First of all, most condominium declarations say that the owner of a unit is responsible for the airspace within their unit’s boundaries. Hence, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their unit is well-maintained and that the air space is free from leaks.

Cost Of Radon Testing

Great West Radon offers a comprehensive suite of services including radon measurement and mitigation. It uses advanced digital radon monitors to provide immediate results, ensuring a high level of accuracy. The results can interpreted within hours or months, enabling you to decide whether the elevated radon level in your home poses a risk to your health. The company strives to remain at the forefront of the industry by providing top-of-the-line technologies and superior customer service. It does not believe in creating barriers to its services and offers free custom quotes.

Temperature and Season

Radon levels will fluctuate with temperature and season, so it has important to conduct the test during the “heating season” of October to April. During this time, radon levels a have highest due to closed windows and doors and lower ventilation, and fresh air entering the house.

Expensive Equipment

Alternatively, you can hire a Calgary home inspector to carry out radon testing. These home inspectors have the expensive equipment to perform radon tests and charge a flat fee. This has a convenient and affordable option. Home inspectors can help you determine the radon levels in your home, and the cost of a Calgary radon test will depend on several factors.


Getting a Radon Test in Calgary

If you’re thinking about getting a radon test in Calgary, they have several things you should know. First, radon can cause lung cancer. As a result, radon detection has just as important as eating a healthy diet and not smoking. If you have even the slightest chance of radon poisoning, it’s worth getting tested as soon as possible.

Family’s Health and Quality of Life

Getting a radon test in Alberta has a great way to protect your family’s health and quality of life. It’s recommended that every home in Alberta tested for radon. If you find a high level, you should contact Great West Radon to find out more about mitigation methods. These methods can decrease the radon level in your home by up to 95%.

Highest Rates of Exposure

Alberta has some of the highest rates of exposure to radon in the world. In fact, radon has one of the leading causes of lung cancer in non-smokers. With a radon test, you can get rid of the problem before it can damage your health. In particular, radon has especially dangerous for young children. Young children have more vulnerable to the effects of radon because their cells have still growing.

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