PUMA is Most Iconic Athletic Shoe for Men

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If you are looking for PUMA SHOES for women and men, you have come to the right place. We have all kinds of PUMA footwear for women and men. Whether you’re looking for a pair of running shoes, hiking boots, or casual sandals, we have them all.


If you’re looking for a stylish and functional pair of shoes, PUMA has you covered. Whether you’re in the market for a casual trainer or a more formal pair, PUMA has what you’re looking for. From classic tennis silhouettes to fresh, updated styles, PUMA has got you covered.

Most Iconic Athletic Shoe

Founded in 1948, PUMA is one of the most iconic athletic shoe brands in the world. The company’s footwear and apparel have helped athletes push the limits of their sports. Today, Puma is a leading lifestyle brand and offers a variety of sneakers and boots for everyday wear. They also produce apparel and accessories for athletes and those interested in pursuing their hobbies.

Wide Variety of High-End Shoes

If you’re in the market for a pair of men’s PUMAS SHOES, you’ve come to the right place. Pat Menzies Shoes offers a wide variety of high-end shoes from top brands, including Dr. Martens, Vans, and Converse. Plus, shipping is free throughout New Zealand.

PUMA Suede

PUMA Suede shoes are one of the most iconic footwear designs in the world. This popular shoe has a colorful history, beginning with its original iteration as the Crack. The brand then used suede for its upper material, which allows it to be easily dyed to a variety of colors. As part of the 1968 Olympic Games, Suede was given to athletes to wear. It later met up with Tommie Smith, who was one of the most famous runners of the time.

Iconic Style

This iconic style has remained popular for generations, making it essential for every sneaker aficionado to own one. The suede upper gives this classic style a modern edge. It has a sleek design with contrasting accents to highlight your style.

Boundaries of Athletic Footwear

Founded in 1948, PUMA has helped athletes push the boundaries of athletic footwear and revolutionized the sports shoe industry. Today, the brand has become one of the world’s leading lifestyle brands. PUMA’s lifestyle shoe collection includes sport-inspired street classics with modern style and function. The Cali collection takes inspiration from the styles of the 80s, bringing a laidback California vibe to your look.

PUMA California

Originally released as a tennis shoe, the PUMA California quickly became one of the most popular casual sneakers in the world. This versatile shoe features a material mix upper, a PUMA formstrip along the outside, an arch support external to the shoe, and a comfortable low-slung design.

Two New Models

The California line has recently branched out into two new models, the CA Pro Classic and CA Pro Elite. Both feature classic leather uppers with stacked midsoles with rubber plugs. A new PUMA California silhouette has been released and a new collaboration with legendary sneaker photographer Johannes Hohn.

Most Popular Tennis Sneakers

Designed in 1983, the PUMA California has become one of the most popular tennis sneakers of all time. These shoes were inspired by the relaxed lifestyle of the West Coast. The shoe was first made for Guillermo Vilas in 1983, but it quickly became popular for casual wear on the street. The PUMA California has an original California style and a California-inspired design.

PUMA Suede Classic XXI

The PUMA Suede Classic XXi features a full suede upper with a modern look. Its clean lines and contrasting details make it an excellent choice for everyday wear. It also boasts a comfortable padded insole to keep feet cool during warm months.

Classic Lace-Up Sneaker

The PUMA Suede Classic XXi is a classic lace-up sneaker with a suede upper and subtle branding throughout. It is available in six different suede colors. It weighs about a pound and a half, making it an ideal choice for everyday activities. However, its lack of arch support could make it uncomfortable for long walks and hikes, particularly in difficult terrain.

Most Popular PUMA Shoes

The PUMA Suede Classic XX-I is one of the most popular PUMA shoes. This iconic model deserves a place in the Hall of Fame. It comes in a wide range of fresh colorways, so it will never go out of style. Whether you are looking for a pair for yourself or a gift for a friend, check out Culture Kings to get the best deals. You can get localized delivery options, too, which is a plus.

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