Implement AI into Your B2B Sales and Marketing


Rev creates target account lists by AI identifying prospects who behave like best customers and collecting exe graphic data on their companies. It then prioritizes these lists, helping outbound teams know who to contact next. The result is a living model of best customers. The next step is to implement it into existing business processes.

AI-powered sales development platform

An AI-powered sales development platform can streamline your B2B sales and marketing processes. Rev’s platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to find relevant prospects, improve lead quality throughout the pipeline. And deliver more consistent revenue growth. The software is available to both marketers and sales teams.

Use of AI in Sales

The use of AI in sales is becoming more common. According to a recent study from the Harvard Business Review, salespeople who use AI have a 50 percent increase in leads. And calls that last 60 percent less time, and fewer lost deals. This is because AI can be used to organize customer data and make predictive suggestions, giving salespeople more relevant information. AI can also learn from emerging trends and make real-time adjustments to predictions.


Highspot – Powerful AI Sale

One of the most powerful AI sales enablement solutions is Highspot. It helps sales teams find effective content by analyzing every touchpoint and applying an intelligent content scoring system. Highspot can also help B2B marketers monitor the success of their marketing campaigns through customer data. The AI-powered software also helps marketers get a competitive analysis of their competitors.

AI-powered ABM platform

Rev is an AI-powered sales development platform that helps B2B companies identifies their next best customer. The platform’s unique approach helps customers find more relevant prospects and improve lead quality throughout the pipeline. This enables organizations to achieve consistent revenue growth. The platform is currently used by leading organizations including Oracle, Zendesk, and Oracle Cloud. It has also received numerous awards, including the Information Technology World Awards, the Sales, Marketing, and Service Excellence Awards, and the Women World Awards.

Rev – Lead Generation Platform

As an AI-powered B2B sales and lead generation platform, Rev is already a leading player in this market. It was recently named an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company in America and is on track to hit its revenue targets for the next five years. Additionally, it has garnered numerous AI technology accolades in the last eight months, including the Gold Stevie Award for Sales Enablement Solution, the Business Intelligence Group’s Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards, and ManTech Outlook’s Best AI Startup. In addition, it was a finalist for the 2021-2022 Cloud Awards.


Harvard Business Review

A recent Harvard Business Review study reveals that AI-powered B2B sales and marketing can result in 50 percent higher lead generation, 70 percent fewer lost deals, and 40 to 60 percent lower costs. According to the study, companies that use AI-powered B2B sales and marketing platforms can enjoy returns of up to $35000 USD a year.

AI-powered prospecting solution

AI-powered prospecting solutions can generate high-quality leads through analyzing past interactions and using that information to recommend the best leads to pursue. This type of prospecting software can also help businesses sort their leads based on their sales cycle, so that sales reps can focus their time and resources on the most valuable prospects. In addition to these benefits, AI can also used to generate the right types of leads and automatically sort them into sales and non-sales leads.

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