Fitness For Sport is Independent Sports Retailer in Plymouth


Fitness for Sport is an independent sports retailer based in Plymouth. It specializes in selling everything from badminton rackets and rugby kits to running shoes and fitness outerwear. The shop also provides expert advice to help you find the right sporting gear. Fitness for Sport also stocks a large range of sports supplements and injury aids.

Independent Sports Retailer in Plymouth

Whether you’re new to the sport, or simply looking for some quality kit to train or compete in, Fitness for Sport is a great place to start. The Plymouth store offers expert advice and a huge range of sports gear from the top brands. From badminton rackets to rugby kits, fitness outerwear to running shoes, Fitness for Sport has everything you need to stay fit.

History Of Fitness for Sport

The history of Fitness for Sport can traced back to the 1800s. The company began as John Collier, a chain of 187 sports shops. It has bought by Blacks Leisure, which in turn has acquired by a UK sporting goods retailer. In 2002, the chain has bought by JD Sports.

It Is a Supplier of Sporting Kit

Fitness for sport is a supplier of sporting kits and equipment for a variety of sports. The company’s products include helmets, protective gear, and balls. These items have essential for any sport, and they are used both as protective gear and as tools to play the sport. As more sports become more physically demanding, sporting equipment has improved to reflect this need. The company sells its products at sporting equipment stores and department stores.

Wide Range of Sports Equipment

Fitness for sport is a fast-growing category in the retail industry. It is comprised of various sports equipment, such as sports balls and sports clothing. These products have designed to keep athletes fit and at a high level. The category is becoming increasingly popular with consumers, with sales of bicycles skyrocketing. Other popular categories include golf balls and pickleball equipment.

Average Across Western Europe

The SEE region has experienced a rapid increase in the number of people involved in sports, and attitudes toward health have shifted. Today, 41 percent of the population engages in at least one sport a week, and 74 percent participate regularly. This is higher than the average across Western Europe. The region also receives millions of tourists every year, and many of these visitors carry with them a variety of sporting equipment. As a result, spontaneous purchases have commonplace.

Increasing Population Participation in Sports

Increasing population participation in sports will increase the penetration of sports within communities. This will lead to increased consumption of sports clothing and equipment and will support the future growth of the sporting goods industry in the SEE. By 2021, it is expected that the SEE market for sports equipment will grow at a 7.4% CAGR.

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