Dental Services for Kids at Happy Trails Children Dentistry


Happy Trails Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to providing a positive experience for kids. We know kids don’t like the Dental, so we want to make their visit as pleasant and fun as possible. We offer children a fun and educational environment, and we’ve designed the clinic with this in mind.

Dental Services for Kids

When it comes to pediatric dentistry, Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry is one of the most respected and trusted options in Calgary. The practice is dedicated to creating an environment that is safe and enjoyable for children. Their Calgary location is located in South Calgary and features a warm and welcoming environment, friendly staff, and delightful critter characters to make your child feel at home.

Offers a Range of Dental Services

Happy Trails Children Dentistry offers a range of dental services that cater to children of all ages. The clinic is headed by Dr. Samneet K. Mangat, who has worked hard to create a positive dental health environment for his patients. Happy Trails Kids Dentistry makes dentistry fun for kids, while making it safe and enjoyable for parents. Children are more likely to trust the dentist’s skills if they feel that their environment is fun and safe.

Pediatric Dentists and Orthodontists

Dental Services for Kids at Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry include general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and orthodontic care. Pediatric dentists and orthodontists are all board-certified in their own dental specialty. They have an exceptional rapport with children and explain complicated procedures in easy-to-understand language. The goal of dental care is to teach kids about oral health and care from an early age.

Family’s Dental Care

Children’s Dental Health Centre is the perfect destination for a family’s dental care. Dr. Sam has a passion for cooking, visiting the mountains, and spending time with family. He graduated with a BMedSci and a DDS from the University of Alberta. Pediatric dentists are highly trained and are experienced in establishing trust with children. In addition to the usual dental procedures, they use behavior guidance to create a comfortable relationship with children and eliminate fears.


Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry

The mission of Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry is to create a happy, comfortable environment for young children. Situated in South Calgary, the practice offers a warm, friendly staff and delightful critter characters. Parents can relax in a kid-friendly environment without worrying about their child’s dental health.

Positive Relationship

A native Calgarian, Dr. Sam completed his residency at Children’s Hospital Colorado, one of the nation’s top children’s hospitals. With his passion for children, he has made it his mission to establish a positive relationship with dental health through playful, educational, and fun experiences. Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry is a great place for children to learn about dental care and have fun while they’re having it done.

Several Community Organizations

In addition to his role at Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry, Dr. Sam is involved with several community organizations. He is an active member of the Madison Dental Initiative, an organization that helps children in need of dental care. Additionally, he volunteers at the Gary Bornstein Community Health Clinic in Pontiac, Michigan.

Big Duke Basketball Fan

Dr. Sam is a big Duke basketball fan and enjoys playing the piano and singing. In college, he directed musical theater productions. He also taught music in China. Outside of the office, he enjoys hiking, running, and walking in the mountains. His favorite Colorado hiking spot is the Sky Pond Hike in RMNP. He also likes to visit Denver’s Cerebral Brewery and enjoys practicing yoga.


Dental Services For Both Animals and Humans

The clinic offers many services for both animals and humans. Many of the animals in the clinic are strays. The clinic provides vaccinations, food, and general health care for these animals. In addition, Dr. Sam works to protect them against diseases like rabies and other infectious diseases. There are also some volunteer opportunities in the clinic for animals in need.

Clinic’s Dental Services

The clinic’s services include consultations with a doctor, massage therapy, and acupuncture. The clinic works with an extensive network of specialists to provide services that meet the needs of their clients. They are located on Haad Rin Road, near the pier. Acupuncturists are also on staff to help patients with their skin issues.

Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College

The clinic has been in business for over eight years. It was founded by Dr. Sam, who previously served as an assistant professor at Weill Cornell Medical College. He also performed research in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology, publishing several articles in scientific journals. He is a member of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Gastroenterology. His clinic accepts Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Local Moken Community

Despite his humble origins, Dr. Sam values the act of giving. He works in partnership with the local Moken community on Koh Prathong, providing free medical care and free neutering to strays. The community also provides food to Dr. Sam and his team.

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